SmartPanda in collaboration with VB Consulting offers the following Bolt Ons

You spent millions of dollars implementing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions — now make it sizzle and pop for your key academic goals!  We are pleased to offer the following tools to help you succeed!

Transfer Credit

Transcript Express 2.0 dramatically streamlines entering transcript data into PeopleSoft, and then awarding student articulations with single-clicks!

Rule Maker enables you to harvest your existing student credit, in order to build transfer rules automatically on the fly, or in batch.

Academic Advisement

AA Exceptions Tool turns your student degree audit into an action hub!  Staff and advisors can simply right mouse-click any Group, Req or Line and create an Exception with only a couple clicks!  The report refreshes and they can see the Exception’s impact real-time.

AA Markup turns your delivered PS Degree Audit page into a personalized communication space, with colorized “sticky notes” you can attach to any Req Group, Req or Line with a couple mouse-clicks!

One Pager – we’ve used BI Publisher to give you a condensed degree audit PDF, so that advisors and students can see “at a glance” with green and red icons, what they have satisfied or not satisfied.  Even more, you can add this as a 2nd button in addition to whatever AA PDF you already use.

AA Explorer takes AA reverse engineering to its fullest extent – search and move seamlessly through your rules, navigating “bottom up” from Course Lists to related Requirements, or “top down” from Req Groups down to their Course Lists.

AA Glass shines light into the murky world of Academic Advisement by bringing your staff direct visibility into the Req Groups and Requirements that underlie the student’s degree audit – view hidden lines and click thru directly from the report to the rule!

Student Records

GPA Calculators are Student Center widgets that students may use to populate “what if” grades for in progress courses to see what they have to do to reach a certain GPA.

Enroll Intercept and Enroll Allow give you configurable setup tables along with query-based controls to either grant, or deny, enrollment in certain courses to certain populations of students in Student Center.   Think of it as an extra layer of pre-processing (to allow or prevent), before hitting the enrollment engine.

Special Stats Calc gives your staff an easy page to populate Student IDs and then kick off the Special Stats Calc process.  Thus they can real-time recalculate and correct student academic statistics if anything goes awry with your data.

Data Quality and Analytics

Just released ~ Data Pack 2.0 brings you unmatched transparency to explore and visualize your PeopleSoft data.  Drag and Drop the data fields you want, create a quick chart, run the selections to Pivot Grid or Query and more ~~ all using a functionally oriented non technical user interface …

Query Starter eases the path for you to find and access the data and queries you need!  You can organize your most commonly used tables in a configurable Tree Structure, with one-click features to Build queries, Find Related Queries, Run and Edit queries and more …

Insight Maker 2.0 enables you to create real-time drillable visualizations (pie charts, bar charts ….) and queries of your key student data, with no technical skills needed.

Actionable Intelligence

New PeopleSoft Populations gives your leaders (e.g. managers, department heads, coordinators, executives) personalized, dynamic dashboards showing the people they need to monitor and respond to!  Plus drillable charts and Key Performance Indicators!

Data Trees enables you to deploy any Data Set (Table, View or Query!) to users to drill up and down through the data using intuitive, tree-like folders

Quality Monitor gives you over 80 out of the box diagnostics to find dirty data or un-optimized tables.  You can extend it by adding your own data-validation Queries as well. Schedule recurring queries and only receive an email if dirty data is found!