SmartPanda announces the new PeopleSoft Quality Monitor

Available now for PeopleSoft HCM, Finance or Campus Solutions 9.0 and 9.2

The Quality Monitor is the first of its kind Configurable, Schedulable Diagnostic Tool for PeopleSoft.

The Quality Monitor is a pure Bolt On application – it touches no delivered code.

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Why Should you run Quality Monitor?

As you know, PeopleSoft is a robust, best-of-breed ERP system, preventing most errors up front.  However there are many areas where it is still common for core tables to become out of synch, and for transactional tables to become so large that your performance is impeded.

Install the Quality Monitor in your CS environment, configure the Run Control, and the Quality Monitor will provide you with a series of detailed diagnostic reports identifying:

  • common errors
  • orphans and out of synch data
  • recommended performance improvements

The latest version of Quality Monitor also enables you to identify and run your own data-cleanup Queries and distribute the results automatically to appropriate users.  Users will only receive emails when dirty data is found!

The Quality Monitor is appropriate for institutions at all stages

  • You have been on PS for many years and may have accumulated production data issues
  • You are a new PeopleSoft institution and want to ensure your migrated data is accurate
  • You are new on 9.2 or preparing for a 9.2 Upgrade and want to ensure your data is scrubbed for top accuracy and performance

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What’s Included in Quality Monitor?

The Quality Monitor comes delivered with almost 80 reports that inspect your database and provide you with detailed analyses, identifying data out of synch or tables that you may consider for optimization:

Academic Advisement 6 diagnostics
Admissions and Recruiting 5 diagnostics
Campus Community 3 diagnostics
Curriculum Management 16 diagnostics
Financial Aid 10 diagnostics
Student Financials 6 diagnostics
Student Records 18 diagnostics
Technical and Security 5 diagnostics
Transfer Credit 10 diagnostics

The SQL logic within these diagnostics was developed by PeopleSoft consultants with over 50 years of combined experience.

Ensure the integrity of key system elements including:

  • Admissions and Student Program Plan Stacks
  • Student Advisor data
  • Course and Class Data and Enrollment Totals
  • Financial Aid Packaging Status and FA Term Accuracy
  • Student Financials Item Types and GL amounts
  • Transfer Credit Models and Posting Status
  • Security Roles and Permission Lists

You Configure Quality Monitor

Quality Monitor is a pure diagnostic engine – which means you configure it for your own business needs and data context.

  • Diagnostics may be SQL or Queries
  • Diagnostics may not be dirty data – they may look for opportunities or send scheduled action alerts

The Quality Monitor Run Control is parameterized so that you can run diagnostics to ensure the accuracy of your Historical records – but you can also repeat the diagnostics going forward as you process current and new data, ensuring that your data is clean both now and in the past.

In addition, all diagnostic SQL is exposed to you, so you can easily view or edit Quality Monitor SQL to suit your institution.

Quality Monitor is Growing

Automate your own Queries – The newest version includes a Setup Table and Run Control for your institution to identify, run and schedule your own data-cleanup Queries – and to distribute the results to appropriate users automatically.

Better than the delivered “Schedule Query” ~~ Quality Monitor only sends users an email when dirty data is found!

Quality Monitor is not a static product.  As we learn from our customers and from experienced consultants, we continually add more diagnostics to Quality Monitor, expanding its comprehensiveness and flexibility.

License Quality Monitor under an annual contract and you will automatically inherit all new diagnostics.  Your license also comes with SmartPanda support:

  • We answer your questions about the analyses
  • We advise you in tailoring the diagnostics for your institution
  • You gain access to best practices to clean your data!

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