Smart Panda Story

The Beginning

Smart Panda - Who We Are

Our Story dates back to the early eighties, while most kids were watching Seasame Street or playing the first versions of Super Mario Brothers. The Smart Panda household had the 32-pound portable computer, with two flashy 5 1/4 inch drives, an amazing 4-inch green screen, and a wide carriage daisy wheel printer.  Back before big data was big, The Panda household was managing multi-thousand name databases on this Osborne 1, CPM Based computer using dBase.

What We Do Today

Smart Panda - What we do

Today our story encompasses hundreds of businesses and organizations around the globe. Currently, we have worked on Human Resource systems that pay over a quarter million (250,000+) people, we have worked on accounting systems that manage billions (1,000,000,000+) of dollars in multiple currencies. We have interfaced with thousands (1,000+) of different systems in an effort to make Enterprise systems work! Success breeds success. We have been at this a long time with many great success stories, and we look forward to making you into another success story.

Why Choose Us

Smart Panda - Why Choose Us

Sit back and relax, when you choose us as your Managed Service Provider you’ll get:

• An honest assessment of your current system
• A written report outlining realistic solutions to meet your needs
• An ongoing maintenance and support proposal to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently
• Complete Peace of Mind knowing your Partner is just a click away

Community Focus

We pride ourselves on being a positive influence in our community. Here are just some of the community events and organizations we’re involved with:

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters St Thomas Elgin – Mentor & Supporter
  • St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club – Past President
  • MS Society – MS Bike Tour – Team Butt Ugly (Raising $70,000 yearly)
  • Inn Out of The Cold St Thomas Elgin – Volunteer & Supporter
  • Mission Service London – Supporter
  • Rotary International – End Polio & Community Building Supporter
  • Rotary International – Paul Harris Fellow
  • Rotary International – Youth Exchange Host Family
  • St Thomas Elgin Christmas Care – Treasurer & Supporter
  • World Wildlife Foundation – Supporter

Our Mindset

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.  

— Joel A. Baker