RHEL: Set The TimeZone PeopleSoft Incorrectly Reporting Time

The other day, a trainer was in one of my new demo environments setting up for a demo and told me the time was wrong.  However, if you looked at the server the time was bang on except for the fact that it was using the UTC-0 Timezone, which is common for virtualized cloud server because what timezone you want is really up to you.

I was very surprised that PeopleSoft did NOT seem to acknowledge the servers timezone and adjust accordingly.  So in my case, the demo was in the eastern time zone, so I changed the server timezone to America/Toronto.  To do this, I found was a little less than straight forward:

server1 :>   cd /etc

server1 :>   mv /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.orig

server1 :>   ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Toronto localtime

There are hundreds of timezones you can set to but for me that one worked great.  If I need to I can revert back to utc-0 by simply moving the localtime.orig back to localtime filename.  Once the change was made the database booted with the correct time and PeopleSoft worked correctly after that.  I tried to figure out from the support site why UTC-0 was not recognized but found no valid answers anywhere.