RHEL: Set The TimeZone PeopleSoft Incorrectly Reporting Time

The other day, a trainer was in one of my new demo environments setting up for a demo and told me the time was wrong.  However, if you looked at the server the time was bang on except for the fact that it was using the UTC-0 Timezone, which is common for virtualized cloud server because what timezone you want is really up to you.

I was very surprised that PeopleSoft did NOT seem to acknowledge the servers timezone and adjust accordingly.  So in my case, the demo was in the eastern time zone, so I changed the server timezone to America/Toronto.  To do this, I found was a little less than straight forward:

server1 :>   cd /etc

server1 :>   mv /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.orig

server1 :>   ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Toronto localtime

There are hundreds of timezones you can set to but for me that one worked great.  If I need to I can revert back to utc-0 by simply moving the localtime.orig back to localtime filename.  Once the change was made the database booted with the correct time and PeopleSoft worked correctly after that.  I tried to figure out from the support site why UTC-0 was not recognized but found no valid answers anywhere.

COBOL – Runtime install fails psauto64

When installing the runtime license for Server Express 5.x, you will most likely encounter an error reporting that psauto64.int is in an unsupported format. This unsupported format error is caused by a failure to read the file from the nfs mounted file system. By explicitly setting the path in the psauto64 (or psauto32) script to a file reference the script will execute correctly.

Simply open the psauto64 or psauto32 script with vi and change the follwing:

From:  $COBDIR/bin/cobrun psauto64.int verbose
To:        $COBDIR/bin/cobrun ./psauto64.int verbose

Happy installing! 🙂