Panda + Community July to September 2017

Panda + Community Summer 2017

Golfing, Big Ball Drop, Biking, Races, Rotary, Camp, Horses, Elephants and Christmas oh my!! The panda team has been very busy doing their thing this summer.

The pandas attended the Big Brothers Big Sisters GolfforKids event in August where OurOnlineCompany was a title sponsor. The Big Ball Drop via helicopter was exciting for everyone in attendance…

This summer the kids were busy with horses and theater camp. J attended Original Kids Theatre Camp and had an amazing time. So proud of him for trying something new and stepping outside his comfort zone. He was entrusted with the power of the panda as Red Ranger – awesome job! And A kept busy with the horses this summer. Back and forth to the barn through the week and successful shows on the weekends. She did a great job and even had to overcame the obstacle of her horse being injured but she persevered.

Pandas and friends took part in the Railway City Road Races in September. We came, we saw, we conquered – nothing pretty, just determination!! The Race helps raise money for local community Hospital projects. This year there were more than 550 participants!

September is Big Brothers Big Sisters Awareness Month. A purple ribbon was tied around the neck of our city’s mascot, Jumbo the elephant, for the month of September.

We’ve already started gearing up for Christmas. The pandas will be in the community helping locally with Christmas Care again this year.

Check back next month for pictures of Panda adventures in our communities! Till next month ………

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