Linux: Files & Directories

Smart Panda - Linux Console

Linux is extremely powerful and has all sorts of cool features that make easy work of really difficult tasks. Here are just a couple to make working with files and directories easier.

Mount Point Drive Information/Usage:  

df -h

Directory size:

du -h

Number of files in a directory:

ls -l | grep ^- | wc -l

Number of directories in a directory:

ls -l | grep ^d | wc -l

List the 10 Largest Directories:

du -a /{path} | sort -n -r | head -n 10

SmartThinking – October 2020

Message from Wade

Wow, it has definitely been a while since Smart Thinking was sent. It has been a crazy year on so many levels, we are Smart Panda hope everybody and their families are doing well. Everybody at Smart Panda is doing well, we have been extremely busy moving customers to the cloud, managing systems, doing maintenance and upgrades, and continuing to develop our fantastic Smart Panda Tools.

Panda + Community October 2020

This year has been quite the year on so many fronts. It has been extremely challenging to be involved in the community but we certainly have tried. From walking, biking, curling, volunteering, cooking, and supporting many community events and groups we have tried to be there in some way.

Smart Panda - Biking

The Smart Panda was out riding virtually this year to support the MS Bike Grand Bend to London ride this year. With a challenge to the Butt Uglies to ride 500km in July, some took it up and completed the challenge! Currently, Wade has raised just over $2,000.00 and would appreciate any and all support to end MS.

We are super excited to be able to support Big Brothers Big Sisters again this year. We were able to show off our sweeping abilities at the Curl-4-Kids event, but Covid-19 took over the world, so we did a virtual challenge to support Golf-4-Kids. This weekend Big Brothers Big Sisters of St Thomas Elgin is turning 50, and we are proud to be able to support the Walk-4-Kids.

The Rotary Club of St Thomas Railway City has had a quiet year because of the Covid-19 shutting down almost all of our fundraising and events. We have however been able to help out the community by handling all the parking at our weekly local farmers market that had to be moved to an outside venue. We are back helping out at Inn Out of The Cold which has been hit very hard by the covid-19 restrictions.


Christmas Care St Thomas Elgin is going to be running for its 41st year this year. We have had to make some big changes to accommodate all the restrictions in place because of Covid-19, but we will be open to make sure Christmas will be bright for those that need a little help this year. Smart Panda will be making sure that Apples will be in each and every hamper again this year.

Oracle DB – Connect Fails

Oracle Database – ORA-01017 when running “sqlplus / as sysdba”

 Smart Panda - Oracle DB SecurityI had a new oracle database server that was working great, and after some security, changes to tighten up the server, the operating system user was receiving an ORA-01017 error every time it tried to connect using the “sqlplus / as sysdba” command. The user could connect with no problem using the command “sqlplus sys as sysdba” and entering the password.

As it turned out the operating system user in this case “oracle” was not in the Oracle group “dba”.

After adding the user back into the dba group the user was able to log back in without an issue:

usermod -a -G dba oracle

Panda + Community Christmas 2018

Panda + Community Christmas 2018

The Christmas Season found Smart Panda busy helping Christmas Care with their 2018 Campaign. We were able to get 5000 pounds of apples from Great Lakes Farms, and with the help of St Thomas Railway City Rotary we packaged apples for every hamper going out this year. We also took the opportunity to sponsor a family at Christmas Care this year, helping to provide a great Christmas to a family in our community. The kids (Jackson & Abagail) did all the shopping for toys and food and we got to present it to Christmas Care. The Elgin Theatre Guild had their Christmas Panto in December, and it was a great success, Jackson was excited to go out and support the guild and is looking forward to the Spring performance!