Smart Solutions

At Smart Panda we are constantly working with our clients and developing PeopleSoft based tools to make their lives easier.

Transfer Credit

PeopleSoft Campus Solution has one highly complex area that our tools are focus on delivering amazing value, scalability, and productivity to our clients, and that is centered around the Transfer Credit Business Process.

Enrollment & Records

PeopleSoft's Campus Solutions Application primary modules focus around Enrollment & Student Records. Our tools are built to help make sense of these vast and complicated datasets.

Data & Analytics

PeopleSoft Data & Analytics is an area that has seen increased useability with charts, graphs, dashboards, kibana in each PeopleTools release, our tools take advantage of these amazing features.

Academic Advisement

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Academic Advisement is a key area we strive to make tools to make this complicated process simpler.


PeopleSoft Communications and Data Flow are key areas we have been developing tools to simplify our client's headaches.