Tuxedo – Install Fails on Linux – VM could not be uncompressed

Linux uses an utility called uncompress to decompress *.Z files, however, it is not always installed by default.  It should appear in the /usr/bin folder as uncompress.  If it is not there, you can install the uncompress RPM, or you can use the gunzip program to uncompress the files by make a symbolic link.

ln -s gunzip uncompress

You might also want to make sure you have enough temporary space to uncompress the files.

CMDTUX_CAT:122 Error configuring PeopleSoft Application Server

I just started working for a new client, and they have a very long domain name, and then the new servers they created for their new HR 9.1 environment were on a subdomain as well.  So the server name (LMID – logical machine ID) exceeds 30 characters in length, which happens to cause Tuxedo to get very angry.  I found the easy way to resolve this issue is by doing the following:

Step: 1
Add a new environment variable called PMID (physical machine id). The value I set to simply the machine name (without the domain).
export PMID=psappmachine1

Step: 2
Verify that there is a psappmachine1 reference in the hosts file so that the IP can resolve
more /etc/hosts

Step: 3
Change the psappsrv.ubx file that is in the $PS_HOME/appserv directory. Change all references to {MACH} to the value of PMID, making sure that the case matches exactly.
vi psappsrv.ubx

Step: 4
Build a new domain for the application server and there should be no CMDTUX_CAT:122 or 868 errors.

Tuxedo install error: tuxdirkey

After installing the incorrect version of Tuxedo for Windows, you may encounter an error trying to install the correct version, complaining that the tuxdirkey is already set.

Run the registry editor (regedit) and delete the keyset:

Warning: Changing anything in the registry could cause major system issues, be very careful.