PSUNX Fails To Print – Error “sh: lp: command not found”

This error is caused by the process scheduler (PSUNX) not being able to execute the “lp” program. Typically it is located in the /usr/bin directory. The easiest solution is to simply add this path to the addtopath variable in the process scheduler configuration setup. Typically the cblbin is already there so to append another path simply add it with a “:” colon separator.


Another helpful tip is to make sure the print queues are setup which can be done by entering:

lpstat -t

Tuxedo install error: tuxdirkey

After installing the incorrect version of Tuxedo for Windows, you may encounter an error trying to install the correct version, complaining that the tuxdirkey is already set.

Run the registry editor (regedit) and delete the keyset:

Warning: Changing anything in the registry could cause major system issues, be very careful.

Missing or invalid version of SQL library PSORA

This error is just one that drives you crazy. PeopleSoft has been making the move from a 32bit application to a 64bit application. Almost everywhere you will find the that the application runs in 64bit mode, except for in windows. The client application is still a 32-bit client. So if you are using Oracle for example, you need to ensure that the Oracle client software on the windows machine is 32-bit. This is also true with the tuxedo service, when downloading patches make sure that you download the 32-bit patches.

So if you encounter this error, make sure that the 32-bit libraries are installed and are being referred to for the client. DBBIN variable specifically, and if necessary you may need to add the binary path to the add to path variable in the configuration.

RDC Full Screen Toggle

For some reason, I find that my Windows 7 RDC connections sometimes decides that it does not want to be in full screen mode, and even after closing the session and you come back into a new session the screen is no longer in full screen. You can change this by putting the display back to full screen and login again, but you can also just use the hot-key to toggle the screen:

Control + Alt + Break

Note on most laptops you need to also hit the function key as well as the break is so rarely used it is noted as a specific function key.