PTUPGCONVERT – SQL Server 2012 – Arithmatic Overflow

I have been working on a couple of upgrades for some clients and have found that doing PeopleTools Upgrades to 8.53 from pre 8.48 that I have encountered an error while using SQL Server 2012 and the SQLNCLI11 native client during the upgrade.  The error occurs in the PTUPGCONVERT Application Engine while it is generating new Services for Integration Broker.

I reported the case to PeopleSoft but got nowhere with the problem.  After looking around with google, I found a common theme that made me try something that shouldn’t work but it did.  I changed the ODBC connection to the database to use the SQL Server 2008 Native Client SQLNCLI10.  I do not encounter this issue when I am running the upgrade on SQL Server 2008.  Once the ODBC is changed I reran the upgrade process and everything worked!

It reports a conversion error which appears to be a NULL gets converted to a long int 2097184 which it is trying to insert into a small integer field and therefore generated an error when it tries to insert the data into a table.