PeopleSoft Login – Browser Check Disable

Currently, I am working at a client and they have people using the Chrome browser, which is now supported in the 8.52 Toolset, however, the browser check still reports that the Chrome browser is not compatible.

The simpliest way to fix the problem is to modify the signin.html file.  In 8.52 this file is located in the {webroot}/WEB-INF/psftdocs/{piasite} folder.  You need to remove or comment out the HTML code line:

<h2 id=”browsercheck_error” class=”psloginerror” style=”text-align: left;”></h2>

It should be noted that the code delivered in signin.html will be changed back to delivered code with the installation of an additional PIA site or the configuration of a new domain.  This file would need to manually changed after any codeline changes. If you are using multiple web server instances each instance will need to manually edited in order to make it universal.