Panda + Community June 2016

Smart Panda - Rotary and BikingPanda + Community – June 2016 (Day by Day)

This June has found The Panda really busy with work commitments.  However, a new Rotary year started July 1st, 2016, and The Panda is President-Elect for The St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club.  It is going to be an exciting year learning from our leadership team and getting out and helping the community! We had the change over BBQ which had some great laughs brought to us by the Kids Division and at the end of the month we had an excellent event where St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club member Diane Chantler was sworn in as the District Governor for District 6330.

In case you didn’t read it above in the Message, its Biking Time! Yes that’s right The Panda and the Butt Uglies will be crossing across Southwestern Ontario over a 100 miles of roads to help raise funds to End MS.  Our team was awesome last year in raising more than $50,000.  I can’t wait to see what we can do this year!

Honestly every dollar makes a difference just ask ALS how they did with the ice bucket challenge.  Please support the Panda even if it is just a couple of bucks, we would greatly appreciate it and the sooner we end MS the better!  If they can find anyway to reverse the damage of the disease it will have a great impact on my family, and that is why we ride!

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Until Next Month……

Smart Panda - Change Over BBQ Induction

Smart Panda - Wade and LisaSmart Panda - MS Bike Ride - Day 2