Smart Panda Newsletter – June 2016

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Message from Wade

Smart Panda - Newsletter Postman

For the past 10 days, I have been working on getting the June Newsletter out.  Things are super busy with clients going live, new clients coming on board and ourOnline.Company continuing to grow! And then you get this:

Not my normal Message, today I need to ask each every one of you that read this newsletter to help me! Last Year, I joined the Butt Ugly cycle team that raised $50,000 dollars to help end MS.  In less than 2 weeks, the Uglies and myself will be back out on the roads cycling 100 miles (160km) from Grand Bend To London and back to help end MS.  I am challenging everybody that reads this to support the Panda.  Seriously if everybody on this newsletter donated just 2 dollars we would make a noticeable impact. Read about last year’s ride here! Seriously $2.00 makes a difference, Support The Panda!



Panda + Community June 2016

Smart Panda - Rotary and BikingPanda + Community – June 2016 (Day by Day)

This June has found The Panda really busy with work commitments.  However, a new Rotary year started July 1st, 2016, and The Panda is President-Elect for The St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club.  It is going to be an exciting year learning from our leadership team and getting out and helping the community! We had the change over BBQ which had some great laughs brought to us by the Kids Division and at the end of the month we had an excellent event where St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club member Diane Chantler was sworn in as the District Governor for District 6330.

In case you didn’t read it above in the Message, its Biking Time! Yes that’s right The Panda and the Butt Uglies will be crossing across Southwestern Ontario over a 100 miles of roads to help raise funds to End MS.  Our team was awesome last year in raising more than $50,000.  I can’t wait to see what we can do this year!

Honestly every dollar makes a difference just ask ALS how they did with the ice bucket challenge.  Please support the Panda even if it is just a couple of bucks, we would greatly appreciate it and the sooner we end MS the better!  If they can find anyway to reverse the damage of the disease it will have a great impact on my family, and that is why we ride!

Click here to Support The Panda!

Until Next Month……

Smart Panda - Change Over BBQ Induction

Smart Panda - Wade and LisaSmart Panda - MS Bike Ride - Day 2

Oracle – Audit Create Session Logins

Smart Panda - Database

Audit Create Session Logins

I had an interesting security breach the other day where a developer who had sql access to the production environment gave out his access to basically “everybody”. There was a huge panic and at the end of the day, I found a tip from Burleson at that showed that you can easily turn on auditing for session creation and it gives a wonder account of the people that are failing to login because of the changed credentials.
First you need to set the audit parameters on and bounce the system if it isn’t.


from SQL*Plus: audit create session whenever not successful;

Now when you query: Select * from dba_audit_trail; you will get a listing of the folks that have failed to create a session because of incorrect credentials.

Oracle – Retrieve Deleted Rows

Smart Panda - DatabaseRetrieve Deleted Rows from Oracle Database 12c

Okay so last night I went to clear a table of historical data except for the last 7 days.  When I ran the command, it deleted the rows and I committed the transaction and then realized that I deleted the last 7 days and left the other 360 days worth that I had wanted to delete.  Greater Than vs Less Than, lesson there is to not write code on the fly when your tired at 2am in the morning.

I have flashback turned on and archive logging, but I found a neat little SQL method to get my missing rows back:


I executed this at about 10:55 pm, and it put the 10,000 rows I deleted back into my system that were there at between 06-29 and 07-06.

Nice and easy.