O-SES: SSL verification failure

Last week while working on a new install of O-SES for a development server, instead of using a dedicated SSL certificate we decided to use a wildcard certificate to reduce headaches.

When trying to build the PTPORTALREGISTRY index it failed with the error showing up in the web server logs:

####<Oct 3, 2014 3:18:25 PM EDT> <Warning> <Security> <OSESDEV> <search_server1> <FlexSecThread-16> <<anonymous>> <> <669085ede0c2399a:-42f78039:148d7454212:-8000-0000000000000031> <1412363905243> <BEA-090504> <Certificate chain received from osesdev.thesmartpanda.com – failed hostname verification check. Certificate contained *.thesmartpanda.com but check expected osesdev.thesmartpanda.com>

Weblogic has a feature that validates the hostname when the web server is acting as a client.  Under the SSL settings for the PIA under the advanced options you can set the “Hostname Verification” to NONE.


After the change, re-ran the initial index builds and everything worked as expected.