Available now for PS HCM, FSCM and CS!

Your enterprise runs on the back of PeopleSoft Query.

Hundreds of users, of varying levels, rely on queries to understand their work and to take action on critical business functions!

Now it’s time to take their insight and productivity to a new level ~~ give your teams Query Executive

For the first time, with a single click – Query viewers can create immediate Interactive Charts and Interactive Tables inside PeopleSoft.

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Query Executive brings your users unique new capabilities

1. Obtain Interactive Charts and Tables with One Click

Many personnel feel that PeopleSoft data is locked in a “black box” ~~ even those adept with PS Query struggle to get what they need.  In order to manipulate data they are downloading to Excel, lost or spending hours trying to get basic results.

  • With Query Executive a Query can be run Directly from Query Viewer to an Interactive Chart with One Click
  • Run to an Interactive Table with One Click

2. Immediate Interactive Chart from your Query

With one click your query is fed to an interactive Charting page where users can select the visualization they need, gaining insights in moments

  • Change selections (Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum)
  • Change data fields (group on any field in your query)
  • Change chart types (pie, bar, line, etc)

3. Say it with me ~~ Pivot Grid!

4. Immediate Interactive Table from your Query

You get just the query you want, but it has 30,000 rows, including data for all employees … to filter, search and sort that query, are you downloading to Excel?

  • With one click Query Executive brings you an Interactive Chart of your query results!
  • Search on any query field
  • Sort on any column

5. You can be live on Query Executive in One Day!

Query Executive is a PeopleSoft App Designer Project!

That means one-day install and it already integrates with your existing Query Security!

  • No data mapping
  • No integrations with third-party tools

Get the Query Bundle!

If you really want to kick into high gear with understanding your data, bundle Query Executive with Query Starter!

Query Executive is Growing

The SmartPanda engineers do not sit still.  As we learn from our customers and from experienced consultants, we continually add more features, expanding the tool’s comprehensiveness and flexibility.

We have big plans for Query Executive

  • Ability to save and share charts
  • Ability to personalize preferences and configuration
  • Ability to automate data alerts

License Query Executive and you will automatically inherit these new features.  Your license also comes with SmartPanda support:

  • We answer your questions about the tool
  • We advise you in leveraging the tool for your institution
  • You gain access to best practices to improve your processes!

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