Multiple Portal Registry Entries Same Component

PeopleSoft created the Portal Registry based on same old fundamental designs that has some limitations to them.  One of those limitations is using the same component to do different functions.  There are times where a component could be used for multiple operations for example: Self Service. But the administrative functions could use it as well.  The option is to create your content reference the same way as always, but in the parameters add something like “attr1=admin”.  This will pass in a parameter to the content reference, so when you go to that new content reference, you can reference in the peoplecode using the call:  %Request.GetParameter(“attr1”); This will return the variable “admin” and you can do the necessary page operations for the administrative function.  Subsequently you can do the same thing again for the self service page where the parameter is: “attr1=selfservce”.  You can create an unlimited number of content references as long as they have a unique set of parameters.