IB – Loading Gateway using SSL link fails

When configuring your PeopleSoft environment to use Integration Broker using a secure gateway, sometimes you will get a messaging telling you that the gateway connectors cannot be loaded.  If you use the http:// address it will work but as soon as you use the https:// link it fails to load.

If you check the application server logs, you will most likely find a message:

PSJNI: Java exception thrown: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: java.security.cert.CertificateException: Untrusted Server Certificate Chain

This is assuming that you have the SSL certificate installed in the keystore correctly and you are able to get to the PIA site using the https address without issue.  The root certificate associated with your SSL certificate is not in the certificates stored within PeopleSoft.  If you navigate to:  PeopleTools > Security > Security Objects > Digital Certificates, you can click on a + link and select a root ca, and then give it a description, refresh the page and then click on the import link, next you need to insert your certificate data for each root certificate.  There are several ways to get the root ca certificate, just note that you may need to insert the intermediate certificates as well.