Firefox Download Limit

Well, I was just on Oracle Support and was downloading the new Finance Image 7 for 9.2 and it is now 9 separate files. This process is just going to grow more and more painful as time goes on, but it is what it is (for now).

So, I started to download each file and when I got to the 8 file, it will download no more. This is because the first download was complete and the other six was the maximum number of open connections allowed within the Firefox browser. However, a little searching revealed a quick fix to this maximum number of open connections per server:

Open up firefox – type about:config in the Firefox address bar
Look for: network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server
I changed mine from 6 to 10, and was able to download all the files for the Image 7 at the same time.!

Oh the little things that make life easier.