Change Assistant Pre-requisites Issues

I was putting a Campus Solutions Bundle on a system for a client and as per usual PeopleSoft delivered an emergency ISIR patch to follow up.  However, this time when I went to apply the ISIR patch after the fact Change Assistant was complaining that the pre-requisite bundle was not applied yet.  Now I know my memory is bad, but it was just the other day, I know I put the patch on this environment.

First, I thought cache, so I stopped all the agents and all the environments cleared the cache and reset the PSEM Agents & Hub.  Fired it back up and still the same error.  I even reset the GUID on PSOPTIONS.

I checked the PS_MAINTENANCE_LOG and clearly the update I put on is there, however, it looks a little different on one of the fields for other bundles.  The FIXOPRID for the bundle was PS and not PPLSOFT like the other bundles.  Sure enough I did a


Re-ran the check and sure enough all is right in the world again.  All pre-requisites need to have the FIXOPRID be PPLSOFT otherwise things don’t go as planned.