Windows Command Line – No Network Drives

I am really not a big fan of User Account Controls and Policies to control users on Windows Servers.  I completely understand the need to control users and limit access as needed, but in order to run PeopleSoft and many ERP systems on windows, the account used to setup the window machine typically needs full administrative access.

The other day, I was on a restricted system and I dropped down to a command line (run as administrator) to do some COBOL compiling and of course my source was on a network drive and there was no sign of my network drive.  As it turned out there is a permission that controls weather or not I can see the network drives as the administrator.  However instead of getting crazy and doing a registry edit, I opted for a quick easy fix in this case.

Run the command line cmd.exe as administrator and then map the network drive from the command line:

net use <drive-letter> \\UNC-Path\To folder\You Want To Map\<share>