Using a Multi or WildCard SSL Certificate in Weblogic

I have a site setup that requires SSL in order to show all the functionality of my demo PeopleSoft environments.  However, I have several other requirements for SSL, so I have a WildCard SSL certificate.

According to PeopleSoft wildcard certificates are unsupported however, I have had no problem using them with Weblogic or higher.  I have not tried it with earlier versions, but I really don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

On my first environment I create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) using the pskeymanager tool.  Next I submit that CSR into my provider (in my case GoDaddy), and I generate a signed certificate which I import using the pskeymanager tool.

Next I go into the console and turn the SSL on and set it to use the custom identity custom trust settings and enter the alias and my vault passwords.  After committing the changes the certificate should be working correctly.

On my next system I install my PIA as per normal, but before I start things up, I copy the pskey file from server 1 to server 2.  This file is located in the <webserver_home>/<domain>/piaconfig/keystore folder.  Now I start the server up and go into the console and setup the SSL exactly the same as I did on server 1.

I have not found a clean way to export the signed certificate out of one vault and import it into a second vault.  But this procedure works like a charm.