PT_AMM_WF – Sending Notifications to Everybody

I got a note from a client the other day saying that they were randomly sending out a lot of messages when Integration Broker failed to send a message.

It turned out that they had the Error Notification Integration Broker process turned on, which notifies everybody with the role APP_MSG_ADMINSITRATOR that an error has occurred. However, since this is workflow based if you look at the role under the security area, there is a workflow tab, and by default this role uses a query based workflow routing.  The base routing is Query: _ROLE_APP_MSG_ADMINISTRATOR, and if you dig into this you will find that everybody that has access to a web services (entry on PSAUTHWS table) will get notified.

In order to route the messages strictly to the administrators assigned to the role APP_MSG_ADMINISTRATOR, turn off the use query to route workflow in the role configuration.  PeopleTools -> Security ->Permissions & Roles -> Roles – tab WORKFLOW.