Verity – mkvdk Errors

I was setting up a new environment for a training class and the new server was running on RHEL6.5 with PeopleTools 8.53. The application was a 9.0 application so for ease I just put verity on the server to build the portal registry index search.

The verity install went without a problem. I went in and ran the PORTAL_INDEX AE to build the search index. That went to success! I search for an item and I get no results.

When I search the application server logs I find the following error:

PSAPPSRV.30784 (808) [2014-04-14T01:39:52.074 VP1@{MyIP} (CHROME 34.0.1847.116; MAC) ICScript](0)
Error E0-1509 (Drvr): dlopen() returned: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Error E0-1510 (Drvr): Error loading driver library ‘/oracle/psoft/pt853/verity/linux/_ilnx21/bin/’
Error E0-1203 (Language): Error reading language definition file: /oracle/psoft/pt853/verity/linux/common/frenchv/loc00.lng
Error E0-1230 (Language): Could not create locale frenchv
VeritySrch::search: SessionManager::getSession failed: failed to obtain or create a valid VDK session.

My is in the 64 bit user library, when I did a little test and added the lib64 to the path, I got ELFCLASS64 error. I flipped over to the root account and install the 32bit library and the problem was solved.

yum install compat-libstdc++-33.i686