SQR Fails to Start on PSNT

Working on a new PSNT server, I ran into the following error:

Error! SQR Failed To Process
*** System Error Code 2
****** PS_StartProc: CreateProcess failed:
cmd = e:\psoft\pt852\bin\sqr\ORA\binw\sqrw
******************* Error ***********************

This looks serious, but if you look closely, you might actually see the problem. When the Process Scheduler Domain is built it defaults the SQRBIN parameter. In my case, my %PS_HOME% was e:\psft\pt852 not e:\psoft\pt852. After changing the SQRBIN parameter to: %PS_HOME%\bin\sqr\ORA\bin….. Everything was good! Don’t forget to stop/restart the process scheduler for this change to take effect.