Can a Virtual Team Deliver Results, Without the Cost?

smart_panda_laptopIn this fast-paced world of high expectations, tight budgets, shrinking margins and competitive demand for talent, many organizations are struggling to maintain their IT departments. Maintaining a full complement of IT professionals to manage the day-to-day and overall needs of your ERP system can be a huge burden on a company’s staffing budget.  Even if your company has the budget to attract and train the right balance of talent to maintain your ERP solution, will you have the necessary resources and skillsets to handle unplanned repairs or complex application maintenance and upgrades?

Smart Panda vTEAM – Virtual Technical Expertise Administration Management

The Smart Panda understands the difficulties associated with managing specialized technical resources.  Retaining, training, managing workload, ensuring availability, and creating a cohesive and effective team of technicians can burn up a large amount of company resources.

This is where The Smart Panda can help, with an experienced expert virtual team that your company can access with a simple call or email.  With a professional, highly-trained virtual team at you beck and call, you will receive quick resolutions to any unforeseen or unplanned problems that arise.

But what about those bigger technical projects, you ask?  The Smart Panda can review, plan and execute technical projects of any scale and complexity; from basic maintenance, conversion, and migration to full application upgrades.

By leveraging The Smart Panda’s technical expertise you get the best of both worlds: expert and skillful technical knowledge that is budget balanced.

Contact us today to discuss your virtual team needs, or to schedule a free review of your system.