SmartThinking || March to June 2017

SmartThinking || March to June 2017 Newsletter

Message from Wade

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Oh my, how did Canada day get here so quickly? I had the March newsletter all ready to send and I was just waiting on some pictures and now it’s almost Canada Day. So what can we learn from this? Clearly, I am good at managing computer systems, but managing communications on a schedule – not so much. Verne Harnish, who has a great book on “Scaling Up,” talks about this in great detail. Focus on what you do well and for the rest of the stuff get people that are good at those things and let them focus on getting those tasks done.

Smart Panda - OurOnline.Company - Panda with SignI am not sure why I tend to forget that all the time, but it couldn’t be more true.  If you are great at managing projects, development, administration, day to day operations or something other than technical managed services and you are doing technical managed services duties – maybe it’s time to get somebody that can do technical managed services for you?!