SmartThinking || January 2017

SmartThinking || January 2017 Newsletter

Message from Wade

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Finally! The newsletter is back. 2016 was an absolutely off the hook year. Things started off with going back on the road to help a major client get re-focused on implementing a huge ERP system which went live in October! Throughout the year, we helped many clients manage their systems with architecture reviews, migrations to the cloud, managed hosting solutions, maintenance (oh, the joy of PUM), upgrades in the lab and on-premise, and a slew of other items (even workflow) that when put together produced the best year ever for us and made many clients extremely happy. Do you need some help getting refocused? Click To ReFocus!

Last year, the new business OurOnline.Company was extremely well received, with hundreds of customers using the excellent domain management services, web hosting, email services, and custom hosting solutions. If you are tired of feeling lost in the world of the big providers with crazy weird fees, limited unlimited this or that, fast speeds that aren’t fast, or you just can’t shake that feeling that you aren’t getting good value for your money — It’s time to “Own Your Web” and get with a trusted organization that will work with you. Click If It’s Time!