Smart Panda Newsletter – October 2015

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Message from Wade

Smart Panda - Newsletter Postman

Can somebody slow this world down! It just feels like yesterday this year started, and now we are facing down Christmas.  October found the Panda unbelievably busy finishing up several upgrades, and bringing on several new clients.  The new web hosting, domain and email services are coming together and everyday we are bringing more and more people into the the world of reliable and effective hosting.  As well, we continue to have great success with our custom hosting running PeopleSoft Upgrade Labs, Training & Demonstration environments and PeopleSoft ERP Production environments.

Something I am recommending to everybody I talk to these days is to discuss your options with a trusted advisor. The Smart Panda has been able to help many clients this year achieve great results for their business/enterprises just by enabling them to have the understanding that is needed to make Smart Infrastructure decisions. Do you want/need to have that conversation?