Smart Panda Newsletter – November 2015

Smart Thinking Newsletter

Message from Wade

Smart Panda - Newsletter Postman

Well would you look at that — December is here. I remember when I was 13 driving on a back country road with my cool Uncle, and I told him “I wish things would just go faster, this school year is taking forever to finish.”  His response was “enjoy the time moving slow, because every year will go by faster and faster, and one day you will look up and wonder where the heck the time went.”  It is a good plan to look up and really assess what it going on around you. I was reminded of that just today by a friend who just looked at me with “that look” as I was about to go on about an absolutely stupid problem that doesn’t deserve a second of my time, but yet I let it consume a lot of my time lately — the lesson was simple “focus on what is important.”

Are you focusing on what is important? Do you need a Panda to give you “that look?”