Smart Panda Newsletter – February 2016

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Message from Wade

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One more month of winter and we should be onto spring! Around here we haven’t seen too much of old man winter, aside from a few storms here and there, it has probably been the mildest winter I have ever seen.  It got me thinking.  All my friends that went out and bought new snow blowers, heavy duty winter jackets, and many other big ticket items, because winter is usually nasty could have spent their money more wisely.  Especially if winters continue to be mild, perhaps spending lots of money on a situation that use to happen isn’t necessarily the best use of money.

Now take the idea of winter, snow blowers, and Canada Goose jackets out of the equation and replace it with your Online business – web hosting, email servers and rack mounted servers.  If the trend is moving towards cloud based service, with better security and reduced overall costs, maybe its something to consider?