Report Distribution – Authentication Failure

I was working on a new server installation this week and ran into an odd error with the report distribution. The reports simply wouldn’t post. So I went through all the basics:

1. Prcs Start User has Roles: ProcessSchedulerAdmin & ReportDistAdmin
2. Default Local Node has authentication set to Password and Password value set.
3. Domain Active
4. Paths all set correctly
5. Report Node configured correctly (well almost).

Since I am working on a unique configured environment, I have my authentication token set, however, only the webserver can be hit with the domain added to the server name as that is the only entry on the DNS server. However, I found that authentication will fail if you are using SchedulerTransfer and try to transfer it to the URI Host without a full qualified dns name, that host MUST specify the authentication token in it.

So in my situation my authtoken is, so I created a hosts entry (/etc/hosts) with the internal IP address pointing to I changed the URI Host to be and all was good.! And no you can’t use the IP address:

“Warning! If you specify the Auth Token Domain name during the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture installation, you must include a fully qualified domain name on the URL Host instead of the IP address. Otherwise, the Distribution Agent will not pass authentication.” —PeopleBooks