As part of a system administrators play book, you should be familiar with the version application engine. This AE can fix all sorts of odd issues, however, it should not be necessary to run it often. There are many locations within PeopleSoft that have a version control, you may have noticed it on PSOPRDEFN, PSPNLDEFN, PSCLASSDEFN, etc… this version is compared against the version stored for the object type on the PSVERSION table, and this determines if the object needs to be used from cache or if it needs to be recached.

Often times, when objects are migrated from one environment to another, patches/fixes/bundles/maintenance packs are applied, upgrades are done, you will find these version numbers will get out of sync. In order to get them in sync, you should run the AE from a command line:


= ORACLE / MICROSFT — is your database — is a user in your PeopleSoft Security with administrative priviledges — PSUser’s password — is a run control id anything will do.

You will want to clear all cache and bounce the application, process and web services, and you will want to make sure that all developers are out of the system (they can even clear their cache on their local machines).