PeopleSoft PIA Signon Page – Disable Last Login Id

When in a production environment there are times when it is not beneficial to have the previous login userid showing on the login page.  This is especially true when in kiosk mode where you really don’t want people to know other accounts within the system.

In order to change this setting you need to go into the web profile configuration for the PIA site in question.  The web profile being used will be in the file of the PIA site you are working on.  Typically the web profile will be DEV or TEST or KIOSK or PROD.

Navigate to:  Home > PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration, select you web profile you want to change:

Under the Security Tab: change parameter – “days to auto fill userid” to 0 (zero).

Save the change and reboot your application server and web server, probably not a bad idea to clear cache here as well.