PeopleSoft PIA Fails to Install

I ran into a weird problem where I was unable to install PIA (PeopleSoft Internet Architecture) through the delivered install tools (PsMpPIAInstall or PSADMIN).  It kept getting about 90% complete and then drop out and report an error saying PIA failed to install.

I was not able to find out much about the error, but what I did find was that I was missing a bunch of libraries specifically in my case WLST classes.  As it turned out I had been cleaning up a bad install of another product and deleted the utils directory from the BEA home.

I re-installed the weblogic version on the server into a new BEA home, and everything worked fine after that.

I found several cases that report multiple reasons for the failure but in the end the only thing that remained constant was re-install and everything works again.  There are several directories that weblogic installs with that are necessary in order to make PIA install work.

Error:  java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find the OffLine WLST class

When doing the install you can issue the parameter: -debug -DDEBUG=true and that will issue thousands of information rows, but it does give some idea where the issue is.