PeopleSoft App Server Fails to Start – ELFCLASS32

When creating a new server the other day, I was attempting to start the application server and a ran into an odd error message that did not seem to have any solution from PeopleSoft’s support or even google for that matter. This error was found in the stderr output file for the application server:

ERROR: dlopen in libpscompat failed for ‘’: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

I couldn’t find anything specifically wrong with the symbolic links in the library directories for Oracle as the sites were suggesting.  The weird thing that kept the red flag waving was ELFCLASS32.  After some more review of the environment I had just created, I found that I had installed the Oracle Database software using a 32bit Linux version instead of the Linux_x86_64 bit version.  This was caused by simply not paying attention when I was downloading the software.  When downloading the software if you try to download from the main site they only let you download, but for PeopleTools 8.52.xx you want to be at  After logging into support and search for patchset the page that comes up has a drop down, and there is a Linux version and a Linux_x86_64 bit version (much further down).  After I installed the correct version and recreated the database, the application server started without any issues.