Panda + Community October 2015

The Smart Panda - St Thomas Railway City Rotary BearsWell, it would appear that the lead up to the Christmas season is when the Panda seems to get really involved with the community.  This past month we were able to get out and help a local group by installing a new floor in one of their apartments.  Next week The Panda will be out with our Rotary Club assisting Local Legion 41 collect donations for Poppies in support of our Veterans – Remember To Remember.

Since Christmas is right around corner, Christmas Care was out talking with the Rotary Club last week, and we are excited to working with them again to help ensure families that are having tough times will have a great Christmas.  This year the Rotary Club will be selling teddy bears as we did last year, with all proceeds going to support Christmas Care, and the best part is in many cases people that buy the bears also donate them.  Last year we had almost 40 bears that went to families to put smiles on kids faces.  This year the goal is 100.

If you would like to buy a bear online and have the bear donated to Christmas Care Click:

Once the bears are all sold, we will continue to work with Christmas Care and package up food and gifts into the over 1500+ hampers that will be going out to the community.  It is a great community project that brings out the good in everyone and puts smiles on many faces.

Another project we are excited to continuing this year is working with Inn Out of The Cold, last year The Rotary Club and The Panda donated a pile of clothing, thermal blankets and made several meals to help out folks that are homeless and in need.  The first meals were served this past weekend, and The Panda will be in there doing dishes soon.

Till next month……

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