Panda + Community March to June 2017

Panda + Community March to June 2017

Curling, Bowling, Dancing, Conferences, Running, Biking, Cooking, Field Trips, the question may be what haven’t we done over the past couple of months.

This July will find the Panda out Riding to End MS again for the 3rd time with Team Butt Ugly. We have almost 50 riders on the team and we are on a mission to be at the top of the fundraising board this year. Please Support The Ride! I plan to get some video blogs out soon so keep an eye for that. However, any support you can offer is greatly appreciated.

As for March to June well, we went out and Curled for Kids with Big Brothers, then we helped out at the Big Brothers annual BBQ cooking up hundreds of hotdogs and sausages, and then turned around and Bowled for Kids. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a fantastic organization and we are thrilled to be associated with them, because we believe that everybody should have a mentor in their life, personally or professionally or both. Mentors make a huge difference. The Smart Panda has many mentors and literally all the success that we have had has come through their advice, experience, and motivation. To each and every one of them, we tip our hat!

In Rotary we have been busy as well, as we formed a group in the club to “officially” run more, so I believe we are 12 members strong now and we run regularly, and just last week we did a run to Port Stanley in which the short run distance was 5km and the top runners clocked 18kms. I was able to gut out 8, but it was just awesome to be part of the group. On the Rotary side, I have gone and got trained to be President for the 2016-2017 year, we have planned and now we get to execute starting next week. Combine that with the District 6330 conference which had almost 400 Rotarians, saw some fantastic speakers, and engaged people from 5 to 95 learning and even dancing (to the YMCA) and even topped off with a well choreographed Viennese waltz (Done by our Rotary Dance Club).  Early this month a group of us from the Club went to Atlanta for the Rotary International Conference in which 40,000+ Rotarians showed up.  Talk about impressive. However, they really did a good job in focussing on a really serious issue with “Human Trafficking”. I don’t think that is a best term for it, because this is a very serious topic and if you think it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t affect you – YOU’D BE WRONG. I am really excited to help lead our club in some new projects to help to try to scratch the surface of this issue.

Check back next month for pictures from the MS Ride – Grandbend to London (Donate NOW)! Till next month……

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