Panda + Community July 2016

Smart Panda - GolfingPanda + Community – July 2016

We cooked and Peddled our way through the month of July and had an absolute blast doing so.

The Panda got to celebrate birthday #42 by cycling 154 km (~100 miles) from Grandbend Ontario to London Ontario and back. We are part of team Butt Ugly and we have raised almost $30,000 this year to help end MS.  Currently the entire event has raised 1.16 million with the target being 1.3 million which we will definitely reach once all the dollars are counted.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to everybody that supported us out there.

The St Thomas Railway City Rotary Club was out BBQ’n up some awesome hot-dogs and sausages to raise funds for local community projects this month.  A lot of onions and ketchup were dished out making for some very happy customers.  All the funds raised will be going back into the community this year as we gear up to support projects like Inn-Out-Of-The-Cold which helps the homeless in our community survive the winter with food and shelter or the local conservation authority which we have pledged to purchase and plant 100 more mature trees to help the environment and make our wood lots more vibrant and healthy.  The Panda even got put in charge of running the meetings for the upcoming month as our fearless leader got off his bike at the MS ride and jumped on a plane to England to go cycle another couple hundred miles around England (yes – he is crazy).

August we are going to be busy gearing up to support Big Brothers Big Sisters with their annual golf tournament and big-ball drop.  The Smart Panda is a proud supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of St Thomas Elgin, because we feel everybody deserves to have an amazing mentor.

Didn’t get a chance to Support the Ride?  IT’S NOT TOO LATE:  Click here to Support The Panda!

Until Next Month……

Smart Panda - MS Bike 2016 Smart Panda - Rotary BBQ Smart Panda - MS Bike 2016 Smart Panda - MS Bike 2016 Smart Panda - MS Bike 2016 Smart Panda - MS Bike 2016 Smart Panda - MS Bike 2016