Pagelet for IB Workcenter renders error

Last week I was giving a demonstration on Enterprise Portal or as some like to call it the “Interaction Hub”, and as I was asking some questions about their existing architecture I found they had an odd issue.  In their demo environments the new Integration Broker Workcenter comes up without a problem, but in their existing production environments the workcenter page comes up but the left navigation collection pagelet renders with the following message:

Error executing pagelet.
Detailed error description:
Pagelet Wizard is not available.
Pagelets cannot be used unless a Portal Pack (or the Enterprise Portal) has been installed.

This struck me as an odd error message, and after some google searches and a good look through MOS, I could not find anything that generated a solution to the problem.  I did find some notes where invalid XSL caused issues, and I found another issue where the temp directory was invalid on windows 2008 (make sure temp directory exists).

I had the client check to make sure that the production installation table was correct and that the license code was correct, and in both cases they were fine.  So this left me with no answer without digging in.  However, I was working on an upgrade for another client on the weekend and as I was doing the last touch ups on the system I found a DMS script that had the following statement in it:


This statement enables Navigation Collections and the Pagelet Wizard pagelets within an environment. Once this statement was ran, we had success.