ORA-00000: Some Days I wonder

I have to say I have been using the PUM now for several upgrades and patch sets and everytime I get a new image I end up beating my head against the wall trying to figure out little issues.

A common problem, I have seen is the initial load of the PUM is fine and if you only use it once you might never see any issues, however, on subsequent loads if you did not install the network connections configuration right, you might be in for a wild ride.

Today, I ran into an image that another person installed and when starting up the database and listener would not start, which means the web and app are going to be down as well. However, this one was even more special because I got some really odd errors including this one:

ORA-00000: normal, successful completion

Now maybe, I am a little dense but this is an error message, so why is it saying normal and successful completion and it is an error message. I found a few suggestions on my handy dandy Google search that suggested to look at the ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_BASE variables as well as to double check the hosts file. Well, before I start anything I usually have my ORACLE variables well in hand, so I checked the hosts file and found that all the references I had to localhost were not resolving because there was no entry in the hosts file. That seemed to resolve the situation so that the database would actually start, but I was still having major headaches because everything was pointing to localhost and localhost.localdomain and there was just a ton of resolution problems.

I ended up change the tnsnames.ora file which for an image is under the /etc/tnsnames.ora location the one under $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin has no effect. Once I changed the tnsnames.ora file and the listener.ora file to the actual ip address, I also added a local_listener variable to the init{SID}.ora file for the environment. This solved the database issues, however, I had to also hard code the IP address for the JSL (Jolt) for the application server in order to get it to start, and for some final insult to injury, I ended up re-installing the PIA in order to fix all the invalid references.

For working with the PUM, all database functions are under the user: oracle, all PeopleSoft functions are under the user: psadm2.
Jolt Port is: 9000, webserver http is: 8000, default pia site is: ps, and if you need the IP address assigned to the Virtual box image, when you log in as root, type: ifconfig

Happy upgrading and patching.