Smart Panda - PuzzleSmartPanda announces the new PeopleSoft Populations

Available now for Campus Solutions (CS) v9.0 and v9.2, Human Capital Management (HCM) v9.2, and Financial & Supply Chain Management (FSCM) v9.2.

You know PeopleSoft is all about People!  Your employees, your applicants, your students,  your vendors

And yet it can be an uphill climb to identify and track those people, in the right categories — then how can you become aware when an important data event happens to a person that you need to respond to! 

Introducing Populations, the newest Bolt On suite from the engineers at SmartPanda.

Populations is a collection of tools built in PeopleSoft that bring you clear, configurable insight into your people and their actionable data.

Populations is a pure Bolt On application – it touches no delivered code.

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Populations brings you these powerful capabilities

1. You get Personalized, Dynamic Dashboards of your People 

Each leader at your institution (e.g., department head, manager, executive, coordinator) gets their own personalized dashboard.

  • Person lists are Query Driven – which means you can use any attributes in your database to organize who matters to you
  • The Populations Dashboard is loaded with Tools – related actions, hyperlinked details, your leaders can respond immediately 

It’s never been so inexpensive and easy to deploy actionable transparency to your teams!

2. Individual Key Performance Indicators

Organizing your constituents (e.g. students, employees, vendors) is crucial, but even moreso knowing how they are doing! 

  • Which students are excelling or struggling?
  • Which employees are achieving or falling behind?

Your managers need to respond to conditions proactively, not learn days or weeks later

  • Populations leverages color-coded LED gauges (green is good! red is bad!) so problem cases jump out!
  • Key Performance Indicators use performance thresholds that users can configure specifically for each case
  • Use these metrics to drive automated outreach and alerts

3. Your People are Individuals!

Yes, Populations gives your leaders dynamic, query-based tools to identify their relevant groups — however we know that sometimes individuals come to your attention, who do not necessarily share  common attributes

  • Therefore, Populations also includes “My Person List” – enabling each leader to directly enter Person IDs for the individuals on their radar
  • For each individual on My Person List, yes you get Tools!  Key Performance Metrics as well as related Details and Actions

New – Populations Navigator

We know Individuals make up the heart of your business!

However sometimes Analytics on your Populations is key – so we’ve bundled in Populations Navigator!

  • Configure and deploy Person Related Data Sets using a Functional, Non-Technical interface
  • Person Data Sets can be any Table, View or Query of your choice
  • Drill Up and Down through the data sets, all the way down to individual person lists!

Populations – get a Live Demo!

The SmartPanda engineers do not sit still.  As we learn from our customers and from experienced consultants, we continually add more features, expanding your tool’s comprehensiveness and flexibility.

License Populations and you will automatically inherit these new features.  Your license also comes with SmartPanda support:

  • We answer your questions about the tools
  • We advise you in tailoring the datasets for your institution
  • You gain access to best practices to understand your data!

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