IB – HTTPS Gateway Configuration

I like to setup the integration broker gateway to use HTTPS, however, usually when you enter in the https gateway:


It will return an error that there is a failure loading the gateway connectors. This is because the SSL Certificate used to secure the website does not have a trusted root certificate within the digital certificates page in PeopleSoft.

Open the certificate and view the root level of the certificate. In windows you can open the certificate and it will allow you export the certificate. Once you get the root certificate (top-level) open click on the export button and select the base 64 x.509 format. Open that certificate file up in a text editor and it should have a BEGIN and END section and a bunch of characters in the middle. Select all the information in the file and log into PeopleSoft and navigate to:

Home > PeopleTools > Security > Security Objects > Digital Certificates

Click on the + button and on the new blank line add a certificate type “ROOT CA” and enter in alias for the certificate you are going to enter. Then click the button to add the certificate and that will open a page where you can paste in your certificate that should be on your clipboard. Click Save and you should now see your root certificate in the listing.

Reboot your application server and clear the cache, and then go back to the gateway and load in your connectors. They should now load without an issue.