Crystal – Login Denied

Here is an oldie that loves to surface every once in awhile.  I was fixing some Windows Process Schedulers today so that Crystal would work properly.  I was able to get DEMO working but when I went to one of the test environments I got a connection error, login was denied.  I always love how there are some crazy oddities to 3rd Party programs with PeopleSoft.  Firstly, Crystal is still a 32 bit application even though as of 8.53 PeopleTools all the PeopleSoft connections are 64 bit.  If you are wondering yes SQR is still 32 bit as well. 🙂

However, the login was being denied because there was multiple entries in the PSACCESSPRFL table, and several of them were invalid, and Crystal likes to “randomly”  pick an entry from the table as it does not have a where clause associated with its connection.  So in this case I simply changed all the symbolic ids to use the same accessid and password, however, if you really do need to have multiple accessids, make sure they have the right access.