Cobol Server Express – License Manager

When doing the initial installation for most PeopleSoft environemnts you need to do several installations one of them being Cobol Server Express if you are running Cobol on a Unix environment.  Most PeopleSoft 9.1 applications support using version 5.1.

After you get the license installed, you need to ensure that the license manager is running.  Three commands will come in handy here:

1. Stopping License Manager, you need to be root to do this:

cd $COBDIR/lmf
lmfgetpv k

2. Show Status of License Manager: (If running it will return the version, if stopped it will report it is stopped)

cd $COBDIR/lmf

3. Staring License Manager, you need to be root to do this:

cd $COBDIR/lmf
sh ./mflmman

You can change the directory to {COBDIR}/aslmf and then run ./apptrack If this is the first time it will ask you to set a password or enter in 6 blank spaces to set the password to null. Once the password is set, you can select from the list of options to show a license summary. This should show your license you have installed, and if it doesn’t you can install your license from this menu.

If you are using a LMF Development License, you can install it by going to {COBDIR} and running the command:

sh mflmcmd

Enter I to install a license, enter in your Serial and License numbers you received from Oracle. You should now be able to go back into apptrack and see the installed license.