Cisco AnyConnect – Fails To Initialize Subsystem

Well, it has been one of those weeks.  Correction, it has been one of those months.  I am finally sitting back in my home office ready to jump on a clients VPN and Cisco AnyConnect decides that today is NOT the day.

So off to Google we go and sure enough there are a lot of blogs with comments about Cisco AnyConnect failing to initialize subsystem.  A common one I say said to set the GlobalUser default of I.E. to disabled in the registry or set the I.E. to work online.  However, that did not fix my problem.

A little more reading and I found Chris Tierney’s blog with the solution that worked for me.  Basically with the patches/hot fixes that Windows released over the weekend it messed with the compatibility modes.  So once you change the vpnui.exe to Windows 8 compatibility mode everything works like on charm.

Big Smiles….. Big Smiles…….