Change Assistant Fails to Run SQR – Upgrades

As most of you know, we maintain and patch many systems.  As such we have to constantly keep upgrading our systems to be able to upgrade our clients.  We tend to setup servers that can be used for patching and maintenance to multiple systems at the same time.  For example the latest PeopleTools release just came out and we were patching a Microsoft SQL Server setup and then switched over to patching an Oracle based system.

When using the PUM you must have the Oracle Clients installed, and so I typically say to customers that are on Microsoft SQL Server to install the PeopleTools with both the MSS & Oracle license codes as each install will give you different code.  I typically install them in separate directories so that unique files like “rdms.sqc.”  However sometimes I cut corners in the interest of saving time and space and I ran into an issue with Change Assistant the other day.

When running SQR from change assistant I was getting failures that didn’t appear to make any sense.  I went to the %PS_HOME%\bin\sqr\ora\binw and ran sqrw.exe individually and got a missing dll error:  bclw64.dll not found.  As it turned out I had installed the MSS 8.54 toolset to my PS_HOME, and then installed the 8.54.09 minor MSS & ORA files to my PS_HOME.  Thus I was missing several ORA unique system files.  After a couple re-installs I have 8.54 base ORA&MSS and 8.54.09 ORA&MSS filesets in my PS_HOME and SQR now runs from the ORA & MSS folders without an issue.  (Yes, I manually adjust the rdms.sqc and other files as necessary).

Happy Patching…..