AWS EC2 Mount Point Fails To Mount

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AWS EC2 Mount Point Fails To Mount

While creating PeopleSoft Upgrade Maintenance (PUM) environments using the DPK’s from Oracle, we often use spot instances and these spot instances can terminate on a moments notice. So we have them setup to not delete the volumes and we re-create the server using AMI’s from the previous volumes. However, if you have a mount point in the /etc/fstab which can no longer mount because it is gone, you may run into a small problem trying to mount a new drive to the mount point that was previously used.

I usually have a data drive mounted as /oracle and in case the server reboots I have an entry in the fstab that will remount the drive.

If I rebuild the environment using that environment as an example it will fail to mount the drive and I can’t mount anything new there. So to fix the issue.

  1. Simply remove the entry from the /etc/fstab
  2. run:   systemctl daemon-reload
  3. mount the new drive to the mount point

Enjoy the new mount point.