Password Encrypt Fails on Tools 8.53

When trying to encrypt the passwords using the datamover script encrypt.dms or just using the ENCRYPT_PASSWORD *; command I got an error that was showing that there was an error with msgver.cpp trying to UPDATE the PSLOCK table for CLM. Interestingly enough I could not find any cases that seem to make any sense, but putting a couple of things together, I decided to check the database version levels.

It turned out that for SQL Server 2012 running on PeopleTools 8.53.02, you need to be at a minimum of CU3. So after apply the cumulative update #3 patch to my new SQL Server 2012 64-bit install, the problem went away without a problem.

(SQR 1803) CONNECT failed

Just working on a new install on a Windows 2008 R2 system with the newest toolset 8.53, and the Process Scheduler fired up great and runs nicely, but when I tried to run SQR, I got an (SQR 1803) CONNECT failed error.

It turns out the in 8.53 toolset, the SQR uses the 32 bit ODBC to connect to the database. After running the program: c:\windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe and configuring a 32-bit connection the SQR ran without a problem.


Error: OpenSCManager failed – Access is denied. (0x5)
Script unable to complete successfully – exiting

When installing Weblogic PIA as a service on Windows using the installNTService.cmd program, this error will pop up if you do not have the proper administrative privileges. This error is not PeopleSoft based it is a Windows OS error. Since the introduction of UAC (User Access Controls) this error can occur because of the user privileges.

I always change the administrative account to have no UAC controls, but in cases where the administrative user must have the privilege, you can simply run the DOS command feature as Administrator (right click on the command program) and select “Run As Administrator”. You will see a DOS window and it will be titled “Administrator: Windows Command Processor”.