Book Review: Robert Herjavec – Driven

Robert Herjavec – Driven

Last year I was at the Super Business Conference put on by The Fast Track To Cashflow Group. One of the main speakers was Robert Herjavec. I have to say I was not terribly excited to hear him speak, as I figured it would be all about the Dragon’s Den and that isn’t all that interesting to me. However, once Robert took to the stage I was taken back. By far one of the best stories I have heard and his message really hit home and resonated with me. I download a copy of his book “Driven” from amazon on my kindle, and have thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Everybody will offer you free advice, but the only good thing about free advice is the price.

Check the book out, you won’t be disappointed, and if you have a chance to hear Robert speak, I would highly recommend it.